Walking and Drinking Acai Berry Juice As Part of the Aging Well/Anti-Aging Program



The term Aging Well puts a positive spin on the popular Anti Aging catch word.  An intrinsic part of a woman’s makeup is the desire to look the best that she can at any age. Face it, we have all tried or at least been lured by any new idea that would preserve our youthful appearance. The fact remains that we will still age, so the paramount question is how can we age well? 

Aging Well vs Anti Aging

This Aging Well/Anti-Aging concept is targeted not only for the woman who awakens one morning and suddenly comes to the shocking realization that she is no longer youthful in appearance – at least, in her own eyes. No, it is also for the woman seeking to live life to its fullest in every realm decade after decade.  And this actually begins in the young woman.

The vibrant woman with the curious mind and the positive approach to life is attractive at whatever age.  She begins with choices made in youth as a positive and determinate young woman, realizing that life and health are a great gift. She makes wise and healthy choices that will serve her well throughout her life. However, it is never too late to incorporate choices that positively impact one’s health when goals are determined and efforts executed that will improve personal health, whatever the age.

Best Anti Aging Products and Exercise

Anti-aging products abound.  Health and wellness books and videos flood the market.  It is easy to be enticed by their claims and blow the budget in an emotional frenzy chasing the latest three week miracle of youth.  But let’s look at the big picture.  Personal health habits and Anti-Aging Exercise combine to provide the most productive Anti-Aging results at a nominal cost and at an unbelievable rate of return. So let’s look at some things that will help us age well. 

The most often recommended and least expensive component of a personal health exercise program is walking.  What?  You don’t take a brisk walk at least five times a week?  Now is the time to begin.  Check with your doctor for approval.  Yes, you have heard this for years and the results have proven amazing. I am even more amazed that everyone who possibly can is not an avid walker.  This was not always the case for me.  

Monavie Acitve Acai Berry Juice

As middle age caught up with me, so did my knees. They began to swell and be painful. I was not able to walk long distances; stairs were a challenge; entering and exiting a car became difficult because the knees could not bend due to edema and pain. Injections of steroids helped for a period of time. Then I discovered Mona Vie Active, a blend of the acai berry and many other fruits and plant-based glucosamine. I was truly amazed at the results. And, twelve years later, I still take it daily – it acts by reducing the inflammation – and we all know inflammation is at the root of many physical maladies. It turned my life around – I walk three miles and climb stairs without a problem.  Mona Vie Active has kept me active so that I can enjoy life and feel youthful.

For more than 40 years we have heard of aerobics, a word coined by Dr. Kenneth Cooper of the famous Cooper Aerobic Center in Dallas. The verb “aerobic” means  “to live in air or with oxygen”.  Dr. Cooper added an “s” and in an instant created the noun “aerobics.” His book, Aerobics, was first published in 1968 and quickly became a best seller, making aerobics the most popular word in the exercise and medical field.  The concept of aerobic exercise swept the country and the world.  

As a child, I walked long distances to school, played outside at recess and was an avid bicycle rider.  Throughout high school and college we all participated in sports – I was never outstanding but threw myself into everything with abandonment. But later I was struck with the excitement and fun of the automobile and I was in love with driving.  Everyone drove everywhere – even if it was for just a few blocks.  The two car family became a necessity.  “The cooler the car, the cooler the guy” syndrome was rampant.

In the 1970s, Aerobics became the buzzword.  Jogging became a fad – and then almost a cult.  It was at first rather disconcerting to see people running on the side of the road.  This was strange.  I can recall stopping alongside runners on two occasions to offer assistance, thinking that there was an emergency that needing addressing. Soon runners were seen everywhere.  And the health improvement success of this activity on personal health and even anti-aging was measured and touted in medical journals as well as sports and fashion publications.   

Walking for Healthy Aging

Perhaps you are turned off to jogging because you know you have no desire to run a marathon.  Fortunately, it has since been proven in the past few years that marathon running is not an essential exercise for improving one’s personal health.  Dr. Cooper now says that walking produces great results.   After many years of study, he now recommends 30 minutes of brisk walking each day, five days a week.  He adds, “And if you are in terrible shape, congratulations. You will reap the greatest benefit from even a slight improvement in fitness.”

Benefits of Walking

Aha!  Then I can certainly do that!  But what are the benefits?  For the able bodied person there are great health benefits – call it anti-aging or aging well – the benefits are the same.  

Studies show that the benefits of walking include:

  •  reduced risk of coronary heart disease
  • improved blood pressure and lower blood sugar levels
  • lowered risk of obesity
  • reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • lowered risk of breast and colon cancer
  • reduced risk of type 2 diabetes

Sounds like a winner!  And it is doable.

Walking regularly acts also:

  •  as a mood elevator
  • improving self esteem
  • releasing tension
  • and helps overall happiness 

An increase in energy is seen.  Rather than being counter intuitive, the expended energy in walking actually produces more energy.  Many women agree that walking is a great belly flattener as well.  And since including Mona Vie in my daily choices, I am able to actually enjoy a brisk walk. 

Increasingly advocated by public health officials, walking regularly five days per week minimum, is an excellent form of exercise.  It is also one form of exercise in which most people are able to participate.  See if your doctor agrees and gives you the go ahead.

Drink Monavie Active Acai Berry Juice

So, then hop up and join me.  Let’s take two ounces of Mona Vie Active for our morning dose before we go. I personally like to do my two miles outdoors as weather permits.  It’s a great day in the neighborhood.   Oops, so it’s raining – let’s hit the gym treadmill or go to the mall.  With these great benefits available, we just must participate.  


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