minimize your risk

These tools have been developed by industry leaders to help maximize the time, talent, and resources you will need to dedicate to this business in order for it to succeed.

expand your reach

You are no longer limited to your friends, family, and sphere of current influence. Your digital reach is global, and therefore so is your potential market. We can help you leverage that digital reach.

leverage your unique position

The fact that in its first life this product had over a million users presents a unique and powerful opportunity. Our marketing co-op is designed to help you make the most of that opportunity.

remove your limitations

If you are genuinely wanting to build a real business that can sustain you and your family, there is nothing stopping you now. If you work this system, you can and will be able to do it!


lead development TOOLS

Here are several tools you can utilize with a minimum financial commitment that can help you grow your business as a qualified and active builder. This is the initial launch pricing structure, subject to change. Scroll down to get more info about each one, or click Get Started!

Do It Yourself



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Call Funnels



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Affiliate Tools



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This co-op program is designed to help builders by leveraging national cooperative marketing efforts across digital, organic, outbound, and eventually television (once a critical mass is attained). The system is designed to help us all grow together, and the more participants we have, the more efficient our marketing will be, driving the cost per lead down and providing more benefits all around. Best efforts will always be put forth, but response to marketing is unpredictable and results can and will vary from location to location.




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more information

Click on a heading to get more detailed information about what it is and how it works.

This free-forever full-scale marketing platform is something we currently charge a minimum of $1500/mo to outside clients. If you create a profile, add content, and populate your reviews, you will eventually rank in organic search and become your own lead engine. It takes work, but we have clients getting hundreds of leads per month on an identical platform. We will publish tips and how-to videos ongoing, to help you make the most of it.

Our call funnel pages consist of 2 beautifully simple personalized pages (one for product sales, one for the business opportunity) that we build for you, designed to send potential customers directly to you. These pages were developed to give you a straightforward piece that you can forward to someone who is asking for “more information.” Click HERE to see an example of our call funnel pages.

This option consists of 2 services: Ziigg and Quuik. These are 2 programs we utilize to help specifically with influencer marketing and prospect multiplying. Ziigg is an influencer marketing engine that enables any user or brand to harness the power of influencers to help market a product; and Quuik is an application that mines the public contact info of everyone that clicks on a user’s website (you must have your own WordPress site to take advantage of Quuik). These 2 apps are  incorporated into this program to help members take advantage of affiliate sales opportunities.

This is the first level of our paid lead co-op program, and is designed to help users make contact with interested parties in their geographical area. Nothing beats personal contact, and these leads will bring potential customers you can meet up with, share a bottle, and have a face-to-face conversation.

This level is still inbound leads with a CRM dashboard; you’ll just receive more of them, and they will not be limited to such a small geographical area. This level will provide the user with leads toward retail sales as well as business builders.

Our intermediate level of inbound leads, this is still inbound leads with a CRM dashboard; you’ll just receive more of them, and they will not be limited to your geographical area. This level will provide the user with leads toward retail sales as well as business builders.

In our state level, a user can sponsor an entire state, and install multiple accounts for a team to be able to added to the CRM and share in the leads. States are, of course, subject to availability, because all our leads are exclusive.


Get your questions about the leads answered here.

It is actually impossible to predict response to outbound lead generation. However, there is a method to the madness; and even though the actual amount of leads will vary month-to-month, our goal is that on average you’ll get more than your money’s worth.

We cannot guarantee response to outbound marketing, since everyone has the freedom to respond or not to respond. We can, however, promise that if your leads are not working for you, we will do everything possible to change and tweak until they are working for you.

The only real difference between the three levels is the number of leads. The highest level (State) will be geo-fenced to be sure that you get every lead in that specific state, and that level is intended for the user to build his or her whole team by assigning leads to them. At that level, there should be plenty of leads to supply several team members.

The average value of a lead in this situation is hard to pin down, but we are operating on a $10-15 valuation per lead. But here’s another example: one of our beta customers called his most recent 10 leads and found 1 retail customer, 1 builder, and one former Monavie builder that made over $800,000 the first time around. So it’s not unreasonable to say that that lead might be worth in excess of a million dollars. That’s kind of an extreme example, but those people are out there.

They are warm. These leads represent people who saw an ad, filled out the form with their personal info, and submitted it in hopes of a contact. We’ve run across several that say they filled it out accidentally or some similar story (not sure how that’s possible, but okay…), but generally speaking, these are people asking to be contacted by somebody. So that’s what we would call a warm lead, or better.

The big deal about these leads is found in the history of this product, Monavie. It was a very successful company the first time around, then the formula got changed, the company cratered, and nobody could find it anymore. There are more than a million people out there somewhere that used to drink or sell Monavie, and many of them would at least sign up for auto-ship the minute they find out it’s back and available again. So the power of these leads is unusually high, and based in the history and quality of the actual product.

And by the way, we don’t make a profit on these leads. We’re generating them because we can, and we want to build teams. It’s a brand new digital approach to network marketing, especially in the context of the product’s history, and we’re happy to bring them to you to help you succeed.

All users must abide by all policies and procedures that govern the distributorship. Absolutely no refunds will be available for any reason. Either party may cancel anytime, and cancellations must be in writing 5 days prior to renewal. Contact information above may be used publicly to help build business via digital marketing strategies.

All details subject to change. All rights reserved.


"These leads are fantastic! They're getting better and better as we go, and this is a whole new paradigm of direct marketing."
Chris King
"This is amazing - you guys rock!"
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"I purchased these leads for my team to use, because if they succeed, I succeed. I'm excited!"
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"I am doing this full time now, and it's because I don't have to rely on only my personal acquaintances or family members."
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