Kale – Acai Smoothie Bowl Recipe


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I  must confess that I may be addicted to smoothies. If I wasn’t also a fitness and nutrition fanatic, I might be tempted to live off of my favorite smoothie recipes, coffee, tea, and water. However, woman cannot live on smoothies alone, but the ones she does have can pack a nutritional punch far bigger than they are.

Açai Berry Smoothies and Açai Bowls

If you haven’t hopped on the açai berry trend by now, where have you been?? Açai bowl are some of the most delicious smoothie-type treats out there, and some of the most nutritious as well! The açai berry is loaded with more antioxidants than pretty much anything else— blueberries, dark chocolate, kale, etc. You have to choose your açai juice correctly, though, because some are more potent than others! The açai berry juice MonaVie Active, for example, uses flash frozen açai berries at the source, so the berries don’t have time to lose nutrition by the time they reach you! You can grab regular old açai bowls anywhere, but I prefer to make mine at home to ensure the highest quality ingredients. I typically follow this recipe, with a few variables depending how I’m feeling!

Açai Bowl Recipe:

  • 1/3 cup frozen blueberries and raspberries
  • 1/2 packet frozen unsweetened açai berry puree (optional: can be subbed for more frozen fruit if you use the açai berry juice in the next step, but still good!)
  • 2 oz MonaVie Active
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup almond or coconut milk (you want as thick of a consistency as your blender allows!)

Bleeeend that up, then top with sliced strawberries, banana coins, slivered almonds, unsweetened coconut flakes, walnuts, goji berries, did mulberries, raw cacao powder, and flakes of gold or any other excessively expensive ingredients you want to sprinkle on top. Kidding— it’s seriously just as good with only bananas and coconut! You may want to add a drizzle of organic raw honey, then dig in with a spoon! SO yummy!!

Smoothie King

Now I’m not talking about those yummy sugar concoctions you can buy at your local smoothie store, although Smoothie King does offer some better choices as far as low carb, low sugar, and high protein, but you have to read the fine print to avoid tons of sugar and empty calories. Do your research! Ok, so I do love the Chocolate Firm and Burn with extra cocoa. It has peanut butter included and it tastes like a peanut butter chocolate shake. A small has 6 grams of sugar (Monk Fruit), and 11 net carbs, 5 grams of fiber, and 36 grams of protein, and at around 300 calories can make a pretty decent meal replacement when you are on  the go. I sometimes stop by for one of these delicious treats as my post workout meal. Ok, maybe it’s a little more than sometimes.:) I can refuel my muscles while thinking I’m having ice cream! That’s a win!

Green Smoothies

Beginning my days with my favorite green smoothie recipes has changed my life in so many ways that I really notice the difference when I skip that yummy morning goodness. The moment it hits my throat, I feel the energy begin to course through my veins. The abundant nutrients go directly to my blood stream, flooding my system with easily digested vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants galore! Especially if you include açai juice! My body thanks me by providing me with endless energy, clear skin, great health, a clear mind, and good digestion. That all adds up to a better life for me because I feel great, have a more positive outlook, and jump into my day with enthusiasm!

*Bonus – When I add my morning green smoothie on a regular basis, my stomach is flat and I am not bloated. There are many scientific reasons for this, and we will talk about those in another post, but suffice it to say that your health, weight, and outlook will all make you feel amazing! Start today and you will begin to see and feel great things happening to your amazing body!

Kale Smoothie

Ok, if you are a nutrition newbie, you may not want to start with this one, or at least tone it down with less kale and by adding spinach and half a frozen banana. We don’t want you to turn up your nose at the amazing benefits of green smoothies by starting at the top

Kale is a nutritional powerhouse in itself. It is a true superfood, and you really do want to learn to love it. There are may wonderful kale recipes, but my favorite way to get my daily serving is in my morning green smoothie. Kale is packed with vitamin K, vitamin C, antioxidants, and beta carotene at super food levels that will make you love it. This amazing green can help ward off most any disease, and even keep your skin looking amazing. When you drink it in smoothie form, you instantly feel its cleansing power detoxing your body from the inside out. That’s another reason to take it slowly if you’re a nutrition beginner. You want to go slow when you add foods that naturally detox you so that you don’t overwhelm your system and get sick.

Kale Smoothie Recipe

You can change this up anyway you like, according to your taste and to whatever you have in your kitchen.

Things you need:

  • Two large handfuls of fresh baby kale
  • One handful of fresh spinach
  • 1 cup of frozen berries. I like to use blueberries and strawberries for their taste and nutritional values.
  • 1/4 to 1/2 frozen banana for creaminess and a little more sweetness
  • 1/4 cup low sugar coconut water
  • Açai berry juice (for added anti-inflammatory qualities)
  • Your smoothie blender.


  • Place the kale and spinach into your blender first.
  • Add the frozen berries and banana
  • Pour in the coconut water, and blend.
  • Add water as needed to get perfect texture that you love in your smoothies.

Drink up to your health!

Have fun getting healthier morning by morning!

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