Your only requirement to qualify for the trip: you must be active and qualified.

Active is when you have purchased at least 150 CV (commissionable volume) in product, and qualified is when you have brought in 2 personals who have also purchased at least 150 CV in product. Once you are active and qualified, you have met the requirements for the all-expense-paid fly-in!

All of it! Flights, hotel, most meals, and transportation to & from the airport is all completely paid. Any extras charged by the airline (checked luggage fees upgrades, etc.) will not be covered.

You can expect a lot of training, leadership development, and co-op opportunities; all led by the corporate staff, leadership, and executives to help you build your business. It’s a fun time, and empowers you toward succeeding in this business.

You have already done it! You filled out a form on the previous page (which sent you to this FAQ). Someone will be in touch right away. See you in Florida!