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Using the more positive expression of Aging Well rather than Anti-Aging, let’s consider some things that might determine if we indeed are Aging Well. As women, most of us would agree that we want to be as attractive as possible. No doubt about it, a healthy body and a positive attitude are considered very desirable. These are dependent upon our own personal health and on our personal health practices. It is a life-long practice of good habits and care for our bodies. Sometimes we may need a little help. There are many health supplements making all kinds of claims. Because of severe hand and knee joint problems, I began using Mona Vie, a health supplement, recommended for me. A tasty blend of 19 fruits, including the amazing acai berry from deep in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil becomes the proprietary blend in Mona Vie. Plant-based glucosamine is also an ingredient – all in this amazing formula.

Plant Based Glucosamine

This was more than a decade ago; I have found continuing relief, improvement in joint function and other signs of maintenance of good health. Actually, all I know is that I am mobile, flexible and very healthy and active as I approach being elderly. I say that with raised eyebrow. No joint pain, thankfully, as I seemingly was headed for a limited mobility. I am not trying to add days to my life but definitely life to my days. And I do believe Mona Vie is a prime contributor to my excellent state of health. A blend of God’s produce sustaining and improving my days. Makes me smile!

Best Exercises for Aging Well

A well planned and consistently followed personal health plan will necessarily include an exercise program. Good health and a fit body do not have to include running grueling marathons and spending hours in the gym. Many love to do a stringent regime like that. However, a healthy and fit body can be attained and maintained by regular walking or jogging, consistent weight training and perhaps a yoga class that works well for you. The goal is to just get moving. Sitting is killing us – yes, literally. Exercise must become a habitual way of life. Research has proven that exercise also improves mental health and produces a more positive attitude.

Benefits of Walking and Exercise for Healthy Aging

  • Releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones that improve mood while reducing stress and anxiety. Mild clinical depression improves. Energy levels increase.
  • Increases concentration
  • Releases Stress. Walking or other exercise clears the mind. Increases the ability to make wise decisions. Helps us analyze the problem and handle it in smaller pieces.
  • Many of us have proven that to ourselves for years. In times of stress or when dealing with a big problem, my modus operandi for decades has been to grab the sneakers and do a brisk two miles in the neighborhood or, in bad weather, walk the malls. Release of tension is tangible.
  • Improves sleep habits – most sleep experts recommend 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Not only do we function better with adequate sleep but our mood is improved, our skin tone improves and the sparkle returns to the eyes.
  • Keeps us feeling more fit and helps control body weight that improves our self-image as well as our general health.

The combination of these benefits produces the goal for which we strive, that of exuding youthfulness through our energy level, coupled with a positive and optimistic attitude. This is a picture of youthful synergy. “Age is just a number” becomes a reality. Surely a positive, energetic, fit and happy woman has a persona that is attractive – the appearance of someone others would like to get to know – not denying age but rather celebrating life at any age. Mona Vie has proven helpful to enhancing my overall health and enjoyment of life.

Exercise Beats Depression

A large percentage of women suffer from depression. All of us have seasons of circumstantial depression as we deal with losses of any nature. Following the exercise plan above helps us get through those times. Clinical depression needs to be discussed with your doctor so that medication can be prescribed when necessary. However, doctors are advocating at least walking as the best medicine. It puts us in the company of other people; it orients us in our neighborhoods; it helps us to feel better about ourselves; and, ultimately, returns us to a good mental state.

How a Positive Attitude Helps Depression

A positive attitude must be nourished. It has been said that we are as happy as we decide to be. By hopping in the shower after the first cup of coffee and then forcing ourselves to make the bed, we are well on our way to a good day. It’s time for a high energy breakfast – and who wants to mess up a perfectly made bed. Taking control of our lives gives removes the defeatist attitude and feeds our positive mental attitude.

Depression is a true and treatable medical condition, not a normal part of aging. However older adults are at an increased risk for experiencing depression and should be encouraged to seek medical care.

“A Positive Attitude Gives you power over circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you” is an oft-used quote. When my children were young, every morning while driving them to school, I would sing a popular song of the day “Oh What a Beautiful Morning —–I’ve got a beautiful feeling – Everything’s going my way.” to the groans of the teenagers. A positive attitude has served me well and I wanted to impart that to them.

Benefits of Drinking Acai Berry Juice

Maintaining an altogether healthy lifestyle and adding the boost from Mona Vie and its key benefits of helping support joint mobility, flexibility, and offering antioxidant protection against free radicals have enabled me to be active and engaged at an advanced age. I am thankful for these natural ingredients that combine to help me do just that in the pleasant tasting formula of Mona Vie.


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Barbara Burton
Barbara Burton
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Encourager for Healthy Living and Finding Joy in Each Day
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