Aging Well With Hope and a Positive Attitude

aging well with hope and a positive attitude, monavie active


Aging-Well is a term that puts a positive spin on the trendy Anti-Aging focus in our culture. Actually, the realist is not against the inevitability of aging; however, she is interested in how to Age-Well. That is, how can we embrace the numerical age we cannot deny and at the same time retain a youthful and vibrant mind and body that allows us to live an engaged life?

Monavie Active Acai Berry Juice

Maintaining or regaining good health is a major factor. The health supplement, Mona Vie Active, has enhanced my well-being immeasurably. Retaining the ability to concentrate and have mental alertness; responding to loss with equanimity of mind and spirit; recharging our bodies with energy; and refreshing our souls with hope and spontaneity – these are some of the things for which we strive. Aging-Well does not mean the denial of age but rather to be able to live each day that we are given with the vitality of youthfulness and the wisdom and grace of maturity.

How to Have a Positive Attitude at any Age

The woman with a positive attitude lives a life of hope, optimism, resilience, enthusiasm and motivation. A positive attitude helps a woman accept the things she cannot change and helps her change the negatives in her life as she is able. Her can-do spirit evokes youthfulness, joy, ability, and confidence, as she interacts within her world. She is an influence that is tangible.

Her life makes a difference. She knows herself and is open to correction and obtaining knowledge. She is forgiving rather than carrying resentment to burden her. She is one whom we can emulate. Retaining one’s mobility and flexibility enhances one’s activity level, reduces depression and keeps her active in the mainstream.

I think Mona Vie, the all-natural health supplement, makes a huge difference in this area for me.

How to Have Hope and Happiness as you Age

One of the characteristics of the woman with a positive attitude is that she is living a life filled with hope. Hope is an essential ingredient of a positive attitude. Hope is an action verb, not a pie in the sky type word. It is to desire something good or even wonderful, a longing for a better life with the confidence that it is a possibility. Hope makes the tomorrows doable; it makes dreams attainable; it is a tenet of belief in the woman of faith. It gives her the strength to move forward in a positive manner to reach the goals in her life. Hope even helps her formulate these goals.

Hope is essential in our future plans. Without hope, there is only darkness and depression. The woman with hope has plans and dreams for herself and her family. Success runs on the fuel of hope. Invention is empowered by hope. The love of a man and a woman burns the passion of a hope and a future. Eternal hope is a gift from our creator. Hope is an action word and demands response.

Regular Exercise for Depression

Clearing the cobwebs of sadness and depression, as well as the attitude of defeat from our minds, demands that active response. Some who have a feeling of hopelessness will require medical help and professional counseling. Many of us, however, can consciously motivate ourselves to a life of hope and an accompanying buoyant spirit. Regular exercise, beginning with daily walks, helps produce chemicals in the body called endorphins that trigger good feelings and brighten our day.

Healthy Eating that Includes the Acai Berry

Eating healthful foods is essential. I take the all-natural health supplement, Mona Vie, that offers antioxidant protection against free radicals on a daily basis. Personal grooming also works wonders. Dressing appropriately and attractively for every occasion enables the woman to look her best which ignites the feel-good, hopeful element in her life.

How to Avoid Hopelessness

Hope is developing confidence, testing new activities, believing in oneself, helping someone else, learning a new skill, honing a talent, and stepping out with the belief that you are on your way to a more confident, youthful, interesting and charming you. It is putting feet to the desire that is within you to live your life to the fullest, the life that you know you were intended – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It is realizing all the blessings each of us has been given and using the maturity of age to live a confident and fulfilling life – a life so full of life that the numerical age becomes a nonentity.

Hope is many faceted – incapable of truly defining – much like the word life. It is more than a wish, a dream, or a fantasy. Hope is like a breath of air; it produces life. It is enervating and wonderfully refreshing. It is a cinder to be fanned, a flame to be shared, and that without fear of diminishing the source. It gives meaning to life. It is life. It gives life to our days, it gives bounce to our step, and, ultimately, it is the hope of eternal life. We are meant to live with hope. Life without hope is devoid of happiness. We have only to look at a little child to see hope alive and well.


So, join me as I drink my Mona Vie and lace up my sneakers. My joints love that Mona Vie! Let’s take a few laps, breathing in the fresh air and life itself, knowing that hope is not an unattainable goal but a gift waiting for us to receive.

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Barbara Burton
Barbara Burton
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Attended Hardin-Simmons University – Registered Nurse (RN) for many years
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Various areas of hospital nursing; Supervisor Operating Rooms @ Harris Hospital; School nurse GISD
Vice President, Alexander and Alexander Insurance of Texas (now Aon Risk) – Ret.
Executive Director and Development Director for Non-Profit Hope Clinic of Garland for nine years – Ret
Community Volunteer; Don’s Beloved Widow.
Encourager for Healthy Living and Finding Joy in Each Day
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