8 Benefits of Exercise for Aging Well



Watch out for Depression

Few would argue that exuberance of spirit and the glow of health are the most powerful contributors to an overall persona of what we consider beauty at any age. Attitude is perhaps the most powerful contributor to either of these. A positive attitude motivates the activation of the forces within us that produce this attractive and winsome person that makes it easier to live with ourselves and to be sought out by others.

Positive Attitude

As we grow older, it is incumbent upon us to determine how we handle the inescapable subtleties of the aging body. However, these can often be minimalized or at least delayed by developing good habits that invigorate the body and bring clarity to the mind. Depression wants to move in as your buddy. 

Avoid Alcohol

Often the middle-aged woman turns to alcohol and then alcohol abuse. Up to 40% of all hospital beds in the United States, unless delegated as maternity or intensive care, are being used to treat alcohol consumption related conditions. Alcohol is a depressant and only increases the problems of depression.

Drink Acai Berry Juice

The advertisement industry would have us believe that there is a pill to cure every pain, every low moment and even every relationship problem. Most drugs have side effects – with these being more serious than the condition for which one is seeking treatment. An all-natural acai berry juice, Mona Vie Active, is now available containing 19 fruits including the Acai berry in the form of the Acavie Complex, a proprietary blend of acai puree, pulp and powder.  A plant -based glucosamine is the other ingredient.  The benefits are joint mobility and flexibility.  It offers antioxidant protection against free radicals.  In my own life, this has proven to reduce inflammation and has helped to give me back a full and active life free of pain.

8 Benefits of Exercise for Aging Well

Let’s look at some other ways that will improve our health more than the use of drugs and alcohol. One of the best health boosters is exercise. And that doesn’t cost a penney, nor does it have side-effects. Studies show that just moving 30 to 60 minutes a day for five – minimum of three – days a week can boost one’s health in several ways.  

This exercise, that most of us are capable of doing, produces:

  • An increase in metabolism that burns more calories and even continues after the activity.
  • A reduction in blood sugar by improving use of one’s insulin and reducing the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Protection against developing osteoporosis. Bone scans show that people who regularly walk have higher bone densities than those who do not exercise. Not only can this reduce the incidence of hip and wrist fractures, but will also help a woman maintain her height and posture for a more youthful and attractive appearance.
  • A lower risk of having a stroke. An extensive study reported in the JAMA based on a study of some 70,000 nurses completing detailed annual questionnaires showed the results of regular walking produced a reduced stroke risk. Personal note – a close friend was a participant in this study over several decades that monitored a plethora of health issues.
  • Reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. Studies have shown this to be as much as 20 percent. Postmenopausal women can lower their risk of breast cancer with this moderate but regular exercise.
  • Prevent or reduce high blood pressure. Physical activity helps to lower the levels of stress hormones that ten to constrict arteries and therefore cause a rise in blood pressure. This exercise may prevent your having to be treated with drugs that prove difficult to manage in many cases. 
  • Alleviate the symptoms of depression, thus avoiding medication. It should be at least a definite component of treatment with counseling and medication. 
  • A sense of euphoria. Exercise produces a feeling of happiness and self confidence and a more hopeful existence.

Regarding the last enumeration, the sense of euphoria inspires a regular continuation of the exercise. With a more confident and positive feeling about ourselves, it is easier to self motivate to continue in this program.

The mirror itself soon reflects the inner changes, rewarding you with a healthy glow, an image that reflects your smile, a posture that exudes confidence and poise and a woman with whom you are happy to share your life, your time and your dreams. 


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Barbara Burton
Barbara Burton
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